Care Planning and Management

Plan for future needs and avoid going into crisis mode when an emergency occurs.

Over the years we at AltaGolden have come to understand that a lot of the stress that older adults experience is due to a lack of planning regarding their future needs.  This includes financial planning, caregiver support, skilled nursing, health insurance, residential options, and myriad other items.  With just a little bit of advanced planning a lot of stress can be avoided when an event occurs that suddenly requires immediate support.  You may not need any of this now but, by doing a little advance planning and having plans and relationships in place, you will avoid a lot of stress if and when you need the help.
As an example, what happens if you get injured and need to go into the hospital...  When you get out of the hospital where will you go?  Do you need skilled nursing?  Will you need caregivers at home?  Do you have long term care insurance?  Can you afford to pay for what you need?
Regarding skilled nursing: What facilities do you prefer?  Do they accept your insurance?  Is the food good?  Do they provide the type of care that is needed for recovery?
Has your loved one developed dementia?  What services are available?  What about support groups in my area?  How much support does he/she need to be safe?  Where can I get the answers?
With a little advance planning we can eliminate, or at least mitigate, unexpected issues.  When something happens, your advance planning can greatly reduce stress for both you and your family.
Ask us how this works and access our network of wonderful partners to help with all you need.
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