What Sets Us Apart

There are many things that set AltaGolden apart from other caregiver companies.  The following information outlines how we are truly unique in how we work with our clients and why you should use AltaGolden.
The AltaGolden Management Team
The AltaGolden Team is committed to providing the best possible services.  We work in a very collaborative manner with an "open voice" policy in the office, meaning that all AltaGolden employees may speak their mind and share their ideas and inputs. Click here to learn more about our management team.
AltaGolden is licensed through the Department of Social Services for both in-home services as well as our Adult Day Program.  We have been compliant to licensing requirements since 2011.  When you select a support agency, ask them to see a copy of their license and verify their legality.  You may see a copy of our license on this website.
Care Management
All of AltaGolden's services include care management to help you create both a short term and long term support plans.  We assist our clients with everything from planning the appropriate level of support and understanding their health insurance and long term care insurance policies to coordinating with doctors and service providers. If you need a service we don't provide just ask us who we know that can help.
Service Minimums
AltaGolden has a 2-hour service minimum and we provide services 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  We have designed our services to allow clients who need just a little extra help to have the care and support they need.  Call us to discuss your needs and how we can help.  There is no fee for us to come visit and no obligation to use our services unless you feel we are the best fit for you.
If you live in a 55+ mobile home community we are offering the ability to do 30 minute shifts as long as we have enough members of your community requesting help on the same day.  Call to ask us how this works.
Ensuring Independence
AltaGolden's mission is to help our clients remain independent and to be as healthy and happy as possible.  Most people want to remain in their own homes as they age.  Our services facilitate this goal.  We also have a network of trusted service providers that have been vetted and approved for referral--including mobile doctors, dentists, brokers, etc.  Let us know if you need assistance and or a referral for services. Visit us in the office for books, trifolds, and business cards for any type of service you need.
Advance Planning
AltaGolden's mission is to help our clients remain independent and to be as healthy and happy as possible.  Many times when someone gets in touch with us they are already in crisis.  Our goal is to help you with your advance planning to help minimize stress when problems arise. Please click here to visit our Advance Planning page to read more about how we can help.  Planning
Bereavement Support
When a loved one has passed on one of the last thing you want to deal with is all of the paperwork and closing of accounts or services.  AltaGolden can help with everything from contacting the Social Security Administration, VA, utility companies, assist with cremation and burial issues, or whatever else you may need.  Call us any time to discuss your needs.
We have also worked with many couples who have been married for many years and the sudden loss of a loved one is devastating.  A caregiver companion can help with the transition to a new lifestyle and establishing a "new normal".
AltaGolden Memory Center - Adult Day Program
AltaGolden is the only in-home services company that offers an Adult Day Program for people with dementia.  Licensed through the Department of Social Services, the AltaGolden Memory Center works specifically with people with dementia to enhance cognitive strength.  Our wonderful staff offers innovative ways to engage clients and help them remain as healthy and alert as possible. 
We would love for you to come by and see the Center and try a free half day visit. 
Dementia Support for In-Home Clients
Because of our Adult Day Program, AltaGolden is the only in-home services company that truly specializes in dementia support.  Along with our regular caregiver training, AltaGolden offers all caregivers access to specialized dementia support training.  The training is designed to help caregivers with advanced techniques is validation, redirection and engaging clients in all levels of dementia. 
Dementia Support Groups
Led by Laura Barish, the AltaGolden support group is open and free of charge to all members of the community--regardless of whether or not you are a client. 
We also offer support groups within the local churches and senior centers.  Call and let us know if you would like us to offer a support group in your church or community.
Special Events
AltaGolden offers special events within the community. Check our Events page for information about Health Fairs and Lecture Series.

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