Management Team

Meet the AltaGolden Team (The Golden Girls)

Laura Barish, President and CEO

Laura is President and CEO of AltaGolden. She has a passion for working with older adults and loves her job. Laura is responsible for marketing, community outreach, and corporate management. Laura also works as a caregiver so that she understands what it takes to provide great support.

Laura is on the board of directors for the Ed Brown Senior Center in Rancho Bernardo and is on the Clinical Affairs Committee for the San Diego Dementia Consortium. Laura is very involved in helping the community to expand their awareness of dementia, how to mitigate issues, and how to improve wellness and cognitive strength when living with Alzheimer’s Disease and other forms of dementia.

AltaGolden’s goal is to provide the best care available to all of our clients. As part of this Laura helps our clients in planning for their future and minimizing stress when situations associated with aging arise. Laura loves what she does and is supported by the wonderful AltaGolden Team. Laura lives with her husband Rob, dog Honey Bear, and parrot Shuffles, all of whom she calls “my critters”. AltaGolden’s clients know they can ask for a critter visit from any of her critters.

AltaGolden’s management team all started as caregivers. Laura believes this background is important so that our managers all understand what it takes to be a great caregiver and how hard the job of a caregiver can be. On a daily basis caregivers will do everything from cleaning up a bed bound patient on hospice to providing companionship to a lonely adult—and everything in between. The job is both physically and emotionally strenuous and it takes a very special person to work in this role. As a management team we recognize this and truly value our special team of caregivers.

Carol Barrett, Office Manager
Carol started in the company as one of our caregivers. She now helps to provide a cohesive bond and great organization between our teams. Carol is responsible for invoicing, administration, and supports our scheduler.

Talmadge Nichols, Human Resources and Policy Manager
Talmadge has been with AltaGolden since August of 2014, when she started in the company as one of our caregivers. Talmadge is responsible for policy management, corporate systems, and payroll.

Taelyn Nichols, Recruiting
Taelyn has worn several different hats in our company over the years she has been with us. Her current role is recruiting and hiring. Taelyn also coordinates with our primary scheduler to stay abreast of our client needs and associated staffing requirements.

Abigail (Abby) Montano, Scheduler
Abby started in the company as one of our caregivers. She has grown within the company and now works in the office as a scheduler. When our clients have a scheduling need, Abby is magician that makes things happen.

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