Care Management

Care Management


AltaGolden’s mission for care management is to ensure that all of our clients needs are met in the best way possible. Sometimes this entails working with families to determine level of care needed, potential for Veterans or other State and Federal support programs, and management of long term care insurance. We also help to coordinate doctor visits, provide referrals to other practitioners, and ensure, if hospitalization is needed, the admission is handled appropriately so that Medicare will cover post hospitalization skilled care.

For example, one of our clients needed hospitalization due to multiple fractures. She did not tell her family or friends about the hospitalization and the hospital admitted her under observation instead of doing a full admission. When it came time to start planning for release, the hospital social worker informed her that she was not entitled to Medicare-paid skilled nursing because of the admission type. A care manager from AltaGolden went to the hospital and worked with the client and her family to get the admission status changed so that the client could get the needed rehab in skilled nursing and have it paid by Medicare. We then coordinated follow up orthopedics visits to ascertain treatment plans and we worked with the family for long term care planning–including working with the client’s long term care insurance policy to get a claim submitted.

Without this intervention the client would have had to pay for rehab out of pocket or pay for 24-hour care at home, which she could not afford. AltaGolden helped the client save thousands of dollars in care costs because of our intervention. Our policy is to always work in the client’s best interests.

Care management is often critical when dealing with dementia or hospice support. There is no cost to come and talk with us. We will help you determine what is required to meet your needs and help you develop a short and long term support plan.

Just call us to ask how to get started.