Dementia Care

Dementia Care


AltaGolden is committed to improving the health and wellness of those living with dementia. We take a multi-pronged approach in working with families. This includes improving health and wellness to enhance cognitive strength, providing respite care, support groups, community referrals, and working with the younger generations from an educational and preventive standpoint.

Respite: Many older adults feel it is their duty to shoulder the burden of supporting someone with dementia without help from any outside resources—even their own children! The problem is that taking care of someone with dementia is stressful—both physically and emotionally. These stresses can be very debilitating to the caregiver and it is important to maintain wellbeing while you are trying to be a support for your loved one.

One of the things we encourage is for the family to get the respite they need. This can include caregiver support, adult day care, respite stays at a memory care facility or skilled nursing center, or permanent placement in a memory care or a board and care facility.

Sometimes our family caregivers express feelings of guilt in asking for help and turning over the care of their loved one to someone else. Getting the help you need is critical so that you can be present for your loved one in a healthy manner. Asking for the help you need and having downtime becomes an important aspect for your own health and wellness.

Improving Health and Cognitive strength: Research in the last few years is showing that it is possible to improve an individual’s cognitive strength up to 70% through a combination of activity, dietary changes, and supplementation. We can do quite a lot to improve cognitive status but it is important to seek help as soon as you notice the signs of decline so that we may address memory issues quickly and work to maintain your healthy cognitive status. That said, the dietary and supplementation changes are an option that some may consider to be too difficult to implement.

AltaGolden works with Dr. Melissa Vourlitis to support our clients who are interested in working with this protocol to maximize wellness. If you would like to learn more about reversing dementia, call AltaGolden at 858-779-9254 and ask for Laura. We will provide you with the referral information, documentation, and online resources to assist you in your decision making. Laura also provides presentations on nutrition and brain health so let us know if you’d like a presentation given at your community or if you would like to attend one a AltaGolden’s office.